Newsletter July 2017

July is here and I am running out of time, how about you? Lots happening this month and even more preparing to unfold for Fall. From events to book releases to workshops, I am juggling what I can. Regardless, thank you for signing up for the newsletter and know that there is more than news about me inside this blast. I want to expose what events are going on that I am and am not part of, share a little writing advice, and share links to some resources. If you want to sign-up so you never miss one of these, head over to my website ( to sign-up via email OR follow my Blog for the post!

Newsletter April 2017

Image courtesy of by MIH83:  Hello, Author Valerie Willis here! If you won a free copy of one of my novels, I hope you are enjoying the story and characters I have crafted. Remember the best way to show support for your favorite authors and books is to leave ratings and reviews to let…