My Struggle, My Victory, My Message on Mental Health

When I was asked to write something for Mental Wellness for #HoldOnToTheLight , I was thrilled. Why? It is the reason why I create and write, to do just that, Hold On To The Light. A spectrum of mental health issues, both my own, family, and friends surrounded me growing up. At first, my writing did not reflect these deep dark pools of human struggle until I reached my high school years when I better understood them. I realized that it was part of living in a tangible world. Often Mental Health is not considered in the possible outcomes, consequences of our actions or the events we experience, but look again, and the reality is we are prisoners of our own minds and bodies. These wounds, injuries or disabilities, cannot always be seen, yet Mental Health is a drowning wave of emotions that hits even those around you.

New Year – New Goals 2016

As with every year, I am doing my usual sit down and recap last year and look into what I want to achieve this year scenarios. Cracking my knuckles, I am digging into last year’s post and doing some comparisons and recapping. 2015 was a rough year when it came to personal life debacles. We…