5 Ways to Grab Free Reads & Books!

Whether you are a lover of books, book-addict, voracious reader, and just a lover of stories, we can spend a lot of money fast satisfying this thirst. We are the ones who grab up a series and devour it, we love many authors, and can’t wait to get our hands on the next new release. Here’s FIVE ways not only to get your hands on free books, but a chance to get to be among the first to read the new releases! You will discover very fast most of these require a little time from you, such as leaving book reviews so you become more visible and available to these amazing opportunity.

Free Read – Cedric the Demonic Knight

Nope, your eyes are working just fine! For a limited time, I have ALL, 100% of my novel, Cedric the Demonic Knight, over on Inkitt for FREE. All 360+ pages of the first book in the series waiting for you to dive in. Why? CONTEST. I am hoping to land a chance to win the contest…