Revisions & Editing Workshop

If you missed my workshop with OCLS at the Downtown location, here is a chance to grab a copy of the PDF and/or PowerPoint Show. It was a heavy 2-hour course and we covered a lot of content and questions to help guide your revision efforts. Be sure to “enable outside links” since this does…

Are You Coming to Indie Bookfest?

What Is That? Indie Bookfest celebrates Indie, Hybrid, and Traditional Authors and Artists and their freedom of expression. Join some of your favorite Authors for a convention filled with workshops, panels, parties and more! You won’t want to miss the sessions throughout the day, where several panelists will be speaking on a variety of topics…

Newsletter July 2017

July is here and I am running out of time, how about you? Lots happening this month and even more preparing to unfold for Fall. From events to book releases to workshops, I am juggling what I can. Regardless, thank you for signing up for the newsletter and know that there is more than news about me inside this blast. I want to expose what events are going on that I am and am not part of, share a little writing advice, and share links to some resources. If you want to sign-up so you never miss one of these, head over to my website ( to sign-up via email OR follow my Blog for the post!

#AFO2017 Triforce of Fanfiction Panel

First off, myself (Valerie Willis), Racquel Henry, and Laura (L.E.) Perez want to say thank you for the warm welcome and great turnout for our first panel at an Anime Convention here at #AFO2017! We hope we were able to aid fellow writers and fans to jump into their stories and grow to new heights….

Newsletter April 2017

Image courtesy of by MIH83:  Hello, Author Valerie Willis here! If you won a free copy of one of my novels, I hope you are enjoying the story and characters I have crafted. Remember the best way to show support for your favorite authors and books is to leave ratings and reviews to let…

Judgment is Here!

New Release! Tattooed Angels Trilogy has been a labor of love for a while now. Judgment, officially out today March 1st 2017, is the second piece in this three book young adult dark urban fantasy trilogy. Within this second puzzle piece readers will be delighted they get to know the mysterious older brother, Talib, on…

VTMAS No.21: The Clown Car

By the third round of the full cycle from the light still twenty cars ahead of me, I started people watching those in cars around me. Glancing in my rear view window, I found myself making a double-look. I blinked several times, rubbed my eyes as I stared on in disbelief.