March Newsletter 2018

 February was a Rough Month

February was rough. A lot of personal level hard hits knocked the wind out of me, but life happens. To give you a short snapshot of the weight dumped on me; my four year old was diagnosed with Autism, a lot of juggling with doctor appointments and arranging therapies for the little guy, mother-in-law had surgery to reattach all her ligaments to her rotor cuff after breaking her shoulder in September and can’t use her arm for two months, my father’s health hasn’t been good and we have gotten closer to getting him on the lung transplant list until the insurance said NO. ALL IN FEBRUARY. So I went to the doctor, asked for something to help me get over this rolloercaoster ride of chaos and March has been a tad smoother.
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 Progress Report

 As I implied, getting any writing done has been difficult and moving scary slow. Despite that I am moving forward when I can. Here’s what I have on the desk and in motion (though slow):
  • Tattooed Angels Trilogy – “Death” – The final book in the trilogy has been fighting me, but I have managed to sort out the kinks. It’s being drafted out after making a overhaul on the angle and Character Point-of-view I originally THOUGHT would be the best. The story now is impactful and after discussing a dilemma over coffee with a few locals, I now have the confidence to follow through on the climax for this story. It should be coming out (I hope) this Summer or Fall.
  • The Cedric Series – “Eye of Gaea” – This is actually a few chapter deep, but with with some recent events and things running behind it’s been pushed back. Some awesome scenes, more fights to be had. This is on pause because I need to make some major decision about The Otherworld which will play a part later in the series. I wish I could work faster. Can’t wait to really pull in the biggest plot twist of all.
  • Secret Project – Dark Fantasy MM Romance – This is a story concept that was collecting dust. Let’s just say after showing it to some people, this is now a hot item in demand for me to finish to be considered for a contract. If you wish to know more about this and be a proofreader, please email me:

Family Fishing Shenanigans

 You should definitely follow my Instagram for these, though it does cross post to Twitter and my personal Facebook page. I LOVE TO FISH. My dad took me fishing all the time and now we try to do the same for the kids. Living in Florida, I am blessed with access to freshwater, saltwater, and the in-between stuff we call brackish. From tropical aquarium-worthy catches to catfish to bass to Mahi Mahi – I have access to it all. IF I CAN FIND THE TIME.

In short, when I go fishing I LOVE to take goofy and fun filled pictures for family, friends, and readers. Feel free to ask questions and I will do my best to answer them. It’s a snippet of something I loved doing with my dad, it inspires my writing, and everyone seems to enjoy seeing us stirring up trouble. Here are some pictures of our latest trip two trips Yesterday and earlier this month. Be sure to follow me on Instagram and see videos of a puffer fish and the big gator yesterday!


#WritingTip Book Covers

 Some of you may have noticed I am currently messing around with my book covers for the Cedric Series. Though the paperback still features the sword versions, the Kindle edition now has intense glaring green eyes and so forth. Being a mixed genre Author, it makes this task of creating a cover image worthy of capturing the story and all it’s elements VERY difficult. Don’t be surprised for those of you who left me book reviews mentioning the cover get an email or reply asking for more information.

I write for TWO reason: To share some epic stories and characters to readers AND to bring back some forgotten mythology, folklores, legends and such.

Unfortunately, our first impression is a book cover, and if I can’t get them to click on my book on Amazon, then I’m dead in the water. I am not the only author who faces this struggle. There are countless of authors and books who have been through one or more relaunches with book cover shifts that took them from nowhere to bestseller.

If this pressure wasn’t enough, most genres have a standard look and feel to their covers. Which means I find myself in the dilemma of which readers will like this more? How do I let them know this isn’t a typical Romance story nor a typical Fantasy arc? How do I hint there’s mythology, history, paranormal, magic and urban fantasy in there too???!

A lot of pressure and head spinning.

For now, I am trying to do my best to log advice, information, and resources in a blog post I update on occasion as I still learn new things every day. Feel free to share this and dive into it. I hope this will help someone on their own journey to become a successful Author.

Workshops, Panels, & Classes with Me

  • VIDEOS ARE POSTED! – I got the honor to sit and talk to Author Learning Center. I should me seeing the videos on YouTube in February! You can Subscribe ahead of time here:
  • CANCELLED “Overstuffed Bookcase Con”
  • April 3 – “RELEASE PARTY for Immortal Descent by Carolyn Walker” – Online Event – Debut novel for this local writer. Definitely check her out and join the fun:
  • April 10 – “The Business of Writing Books” at 6:30PM Orlando Public Library (Downtown) with Kerry Evelyn: You wrote your book – now it’s time to share it with the world! Author Kerry Evelyn will discuss what she’s learned from her experiences with indie publishing and help you plan out and establish a timeline for setting up your business and getting your book published. A comprehensive checklist of writing, marketing and business tasks will be provided.
  • August 9-12 – “Indie Bookfest 2018” A multiday event at a great price. Meet Indie Authors such as myself. Dinner, parties, FanFare, Workshops, Panels, and Book Signing are just a few of the highlights from this very fun event. Tickets are already on sale here:
  • October FWA Conference – I will be on a panel and hosting a few workshops. Detail to come, but check out their site for the latest news:
  • More in the making!

EVENTS – Open Mics, Write-in’s & more!


TATTOOED ANGELS TRILOGY – Young Adult Urban Fantasy
  1. Rebirth
  2. Judgment
  3. Death – Coming in 2018
THE CEDRIC SERIES – Adult Fantasy Romance
  1. Cedric the Demonic Knight
  2. Romasanta: Father of Werewolves
  3. The Oracle
  4. Eye of Gaea – Coming in 2018
  5. King Incubus – Coming Soon 2018-2019
  • A World of Their Own
  • Demonic Wildlife: A Fantastically Funny Adventure
  • The Hunted – Thrill of the Hunt 3
  • Work of Hearts Magazine Release – 2018
  • Demonic Household: See Owner’s Manual – Coming August 2018
  • Thrill of the Hunt 4 – Coming August 2018
  • Bulfinch’s Mythology with Illustrations
  • Book of Were-wolves – Coming 2018-2019
  • The Fairy Faith of Celtic Countries – Coming TBA

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