NaNoWriMo 101 – 2017 Edition PowerPoint

Yesterday, on behalf of Orlando Nanowrimo at the South Trail location for OCLS I had the honor to introduce and inform writers what this “Nanowrimo” thing in November means. I had a great group and it was fun tackling the questions many still had after the presentation. Per my promise, here are links to the PowerPoint I used both in PDF and PPS format via DropBox:



Within this PowerPoint, those who were not there for my workshop, you will find a great run through covering:

  • What is Nanowrimo and the goals involved
    • 50k in 30 days
    • 1,667 words per day on average
    • Mission Statement
  • Reasons You might be joining as well as reasons you should be joining
    • Accomplish goal
    • Networking
    • Developing a Routine
  • How on earth can one write 50k in 30 days
    • Focus on first draft
    • Plotter vs Pantser
    • Join events locally and online
  • Things You Might Want to know
    • Self Doubt & Lack of Mojo can and will happen
    • Don’t Delete anything you’ve written – you never know…
  • Local Workshops & events
    • Library
    • Orlando Nano
    • Writer’s Atelier
  • Write-in to Attend
    • Library
    • Writer’s Atelier
    • Central Florida Inklings
  • Important Nanowrimo Links & Resources

Links That May Help Within My Blog Site

Remember, you can sign up for NANOWRIMO event for FREE here at the main site:


Orlando Region Link on the Site is:



And as I stated at the event, gaining access to the Nanowrimo Forums is well worth getting involved, along with the ability to network and create a stable writing habit:

Other Groups in Orlando Area to Check Out

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