Post Indie Bookfest 2017


I cannot express the amount of fun I had at this event! Whether you are a writer, author, or reader – you should definitely plan to attend in August 2018. In fact, I have signed up again to have a table as a Featured Author next year and look forward to this weekend of fun, networking, learning, discovery, and good memories to be made. Here’s how my weekend unfolded. Find the detail about the event here:

Thursday – Author Dinner

The food was fantastic, but the people at the table were wonderful. A blend of VIP Readers, Authors, Spouses, and friends mingled over a meal filled with an assortment of food to meet anyone’s needs. We had a wonderful time introducing ourselves and later on found we were running into each other and excited to share what we had come across, bought, discovered and the likes. I had dragged my friend Vanessa along for the ride, and needless to say, she had a great time as well discussing her latest reads, sharing adventures with meeting Authors of favorite books and so on.


After dinner, we were asked if we would like to hang around and talk with an Author to have a mini QA session. We were blessed with the presence of Heather Hildenbrand who was inspiring and welcoming to dive into many topics. Being the last table to clear out, we only stopped when the Florida Pterodactyls threatened to fly away with us, aka Mosquitoes.


Friday – Industry Day


There were so many topics being covered that it was hard to decide which one to go to. Kathy Meis from Bublish had some great marketing tips, it was wonderful to meet Chloe from Written Word Media who I have had much success with promoting work with through, and I’m already seeing some results from Facebook Ads thank to advice from M.D. Cooper!

I was excited to be part of a panel myself, Compelling Characters, though I nearly didn’t make it in time after losing track of time over lunch. Tossing my debit card to Paige Lavoie I rushed out in a Cinderella fashion! I was happy to be able to talk about my love for flawed characters, share some ways to start a character and much more.

After Industry Day event settled, we dragged Chloe from Written Word Media along with us to Author L. E. Perez‘s room where emergency swag making was in order. Wine and laughter were flowing and before we knew it, down the elevator we went in order to join in FanFare!

We started at L.E. Perez‘s table for some finger foods, but soon were mingling at other tables, grabbing book swag from the high-tops, and enjoying Author MadLips! There was so much happening, great conversations with authors and readers. Best part, knowing this was an event included in Reader’s $25 Saturday ticket! What a great way to mix and mingle. The wonderful Author M.C.V. Egan did this epic braid in my hair <3!

Saturday – Reader Appreciation Day & Public Book Signing Event


Again, I had a blast being part of a panel where I was able to share my thoughts on trends happening for Fantasy and Science Fiction. Much to my delight I was sitting next to the wonderful Heather Hildenbrand from my Thursday night dinner experience. It definitely made this first-timer a bit more relaxed. Not to mention Daniel A. Willis and I made great table ends for this event. I was able to meet him and C.J. Baty at Fanfare as well as a lot of the other Authors in attendance, making Saturday less intimidating.

Let’s not forget Lynda Haviland who hung out with me and my local crew. Ironically, her room mate was Chris Coad Taylor, the Author I was originally assigned to split a table with. These two endearing ladies were a blast and we found ourselves seeking one another out for lunch and dinner Friday and Saturday!

Tawdra Kandle gave a wonderful speech to start the day out right. I was so lucky to have my handy assistant Kim Plasket along for the ride all day! There was plenty of laughter to be had. Even though the panels were reader friendly, there were some really great topics that benefit writers as well. A great way to get questions and answers to a wide variety of topics. It was a blast asking about creatures and trends at one of L. E. Perez’s panels!

Soon the Author signing was upon us! I was super nervous, but Kim Plasket and the gang kept me on the ground. I had Lynda Haviland across from me, Anthony Awtrey next to me and within shouting distance L. E. Perez. What a blast to be able to talk to readers and share how much they enjoyed my books or ask questions to decide if I was their kind of read. Three hours came and went, and part of me was sad, but I was indeed exhausted. I was also enjoying pushing Demonic Wildlife and sharing my hard work on my very first Anthology! Cannot wait to see what I can do for next year’s installment!

An awesome bonus was getting to meet my fellow authors who took part in THE HUNTED book 3 in the Thrill of the Hunt Anthology series. Poor Arielle Haughee came to say hello and we dragged her into Author Signings! It was a great moment and can’t wait until next year!


BUT WAIT! There was still the PJ Party and Karaoke! Oh man, the food…. the massive amount of sliders and popcorn. Karaoke was stunning! Games on tables being played, people dancing… oh I am so getting a room next year so I can stay and party without limits!

And there are no words to see VIP Readers’ Amy and Sett posting pictures of their TO BE READ book stack and seeing three of my books in that pile ❤ !

What a wonderful time I had & look forward to doing it all again in 2018!

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