Newsletter August 2017

Hello Readers & Fellow Writers!

August is filled with so much that it’s been a flurry of school season going back into full swing and making massive plans for the Fall Season and of course, NaNoWriMo. How are you hanging in there? Hope you all have managed to keep your motivation on the positive side and keep moving forward in writing efforts no matter how small they may be. Upcoming events are intense as we verge into the season for online and in-person workshops. If you haven’t done so, heading over to the official site to connect with your local networking group and libraries is a great way to cash in on some great workshops on writing.

Sorry for the delay, but was working on finalizing some dates for the events list for you all!

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My September Birthday Wish?

BOOK REVIEWS! I encourage everyone to leave me and your other favorite Authors at least ONE book review during the Month of September. If you aren’t aware, there are a few reasons why Book Reviews are a big deal, especially to an IndieAuthor or Self-Published author like myself. Until I have a book with over 50+ reviews attached to one of my titles, I am limited to who will take me on for marketing efforts. More importantly, there is nothing more encouraging than hearing honest feedback about my work, storytelling, plot, and characters. I need to know if I am hitting the nails on the head or catch mistakes I didn’t intend to make. Without you, I can’t improve and grow. Learn more about Book Reviews over on my blog post:


It may not be November just yet, but you should be looking to the calendars for Library, local cafes, centers, and other venues. Why? Because September and especially October is prime season for NaNo 101 free workshops, writing a novel 101 courses, and much more. National Novel Writing Month aka November is the best chance to discover the hidden depths of the writer community in your area and even discover new colleagues online! Sign up and log into their main site at in case you want to get hooked up in advance or cruise the existing forums for your local NaNoWriMo chapter.

Readers have a place and calling in NaNoWriMo as well. Many of these writers will be needing Alpha Readers, Beta Readers, editing, proofreading, and flat out inspiration and reassurance. Discover who is local, connect online with some personal favorites, because as writers, we adore you and appreciate your time.

Inspirational Needs

Motivational Minutes with Paige Lavoie are a great thing to add to the arsenal as she starts to stack these up ever higher. Sometimes we need someone to reflect on the struggles we feel. Be sure to Subscribe to the YouTube Channels below. Also, Paige and Writer’s Atelier host live online virtual Write-ins which can help bring back the motivation and even knock down some writer’s blocks.

If that wasn’t enough, be sure to join the Writer’s Atelier Online Community group over on Facebook. I am the spearhead for this community designed to help morale, keep you moving, network with alike minds, learn, share, and much more.

Last, but not least, I am going to be getting back on the Live Stream band wagon with Live Write-in’s of my own, sessions about game design with Brass Collar Games, and on occasion, live tutorials which will be posted on YouTube afterwards. I call it, Val’s House of Musings!


Writer’s Atelier Online Community:

Writer’s Atelier YouTube:

Paige’s YouTube:

Paige’s Twitch:

Valerie’s Twitch:

Valerie’s YouTube:

If you like the classes, videos, and information this venue is dishing out, be sure to head over to Patreon and aid in keeping this place moving forward! Every dollar earned goes back to keep the lights on as well as allow Racquel Henry to bring us more exciting access to some great opportunities:

Workshops, Panels, & Classes with Me

Hoo-boy! Do I have a few coming up! If you want to see my events as well as other events happening, be sure to head over to my website and take a peek at my Calendar under the PRESS ROOM drop down:

September 13thFeatured Author for “The Short Attention Span Storytelling” Open Mic at Stardust Café

September 28th – October 1stIndie Bookfest 2017 at the Westin in Lake Mary; I will be on several Panels, a signing Author, and even on Sunday you can sign up to join me for coffee! There will be about 87 Authors attending and Reader Appreciation Day on Saturday is only $25! Sign up here:

October 14th“Genres, Word Counts, & First Drafts OH MY!” Workshop happening at the Herndon location for Orange County Library Systems. This is a FREE Workshop to attend and is designed to help you get acquainted with why you need to be aware of these in regards to that first draft!

October 18th“NaNo 101” Workshop at the South Trail location on behalf of the Orlando NaNoWriMo Group. I’ll be your guide into the world of what NaNoWriMo is, ways to prep, keep motivated and much more. Starts at 6:30.

November 1stJoin me at the Writer’s Atelier in Winter Park to kick off NaNoWriMo with some sprints! We’ll be pumping out some words, musing among fellow writers, and having a good time. Details to be announced soon

More in the making!

Writing Tip For July

This month’s writing tip is to learn. Granted I am sort of riding on Paige’s Motivational coattail here, but really! One of the neat things about an author and being a writer is the opportunities we make for ourselves to learn about our world. We do all kinds of research and absorb information about things we would have never in a lifetime, or even ten lifetimes, had thought to explore.

Granted, we get lost in our research at times, but that’s because learning is addicting. In fact, inspiration and excitement that a writer receives from diving into various things pulls us ever closer to the sirens call. The very first class I taught for the Orange County Library System as part of my “Writing A Novel 101” was “RESEARCH.” They thought it interesting and I was very excited so many had come to see what I was suggesting. By the end of the short 1-hour version of a workshop I could spend all day on, people left with a sense of direction, motivation, and even answers to washing away writers block.

Break it down, keep on task, and make a YES and NO pile if you have to. Granted, my research takes me into some very deep pools where I tend to stumble on enticing info I can’t stop myself from exploring. Two great examples are the Articles seen on the site:

Celtic Apollo Versus Greek Apollo (Romasanta):

The Oracle: Real or Myth? (The Oracle):

Curious about how I break out my research? It’s all here:


  • Sep 1st, THE ORACLE, Book Release and Blog Tour w/ Giveaway
  • Sept 5th, GRAB THE ORACLE FOR FREE ON KINDLE! Make it SOAR to the TOP!
  • Sept 13 – Featured Author: The Short Attention Span Open Mic at Stardust Cafe
  • Sept 25th, THE HUNTED: WELCOME TO WHITE BRIDGE Anthology, Book Release
  • Sept 28-Oct 1, Indie Bookfest 2017, Lake Mary, FL – Featured Author!
  • Oct 1st, DEMONIC WILDLIFE Anthology, Book Release
  • Oct 14 – “Genres, Word Counts, & First Drafts OH MY!” Herndon Location, Orlando Area
  • Oct 18 – “NaNo 101” South Trail Location, Orlando Area
  • Nov 1 – NaNo Kickoff – Writer’s Atelier Winter Park

EVENTS TO CHECK OUT – From Open Mics & more!

New Releases

THREE NEW RELEASES coming up right around the corner. Be sure to pre-order or snag a copy at one of my event, on Amazon, other online book venues, or SmashWords.


THE ORACLE – September 1st

Prepare for Book 3 in The Cedric Series releasing in September 1st!

Angeline and Cedric are back and Romasanta has the stone in his hands. It will be available on Amazon for Kindle and Paperback exclusively for the first 90 days. A Blog Tour will be exploding on Social Media and a chance to get a signed copy for US Residents as well as eBook copies and Book Swag for all! If that wasn’t awesome enough, there will be a chance to grab THE ORACLE for FREE for Kindle on Sept 5th in celebration of my Birthday. Feel free to share the link when it goes live and help this hit the TOP KINDLE BOOKS on AMAZON! If you are curious where we’ve left Angeline, head over to INKITT and read the first three chapters free. Chapter Three will be released in August:






Thrill of the Hunt – The Hunted: Welcome to White Bridge – October 1st

An amazing team of writers, including myself, have dived into the world of White Bridge. This town is so very special, only accessible to our world during the Solstice. Prepare for a thrilling Halloween read in October and see how the stories from so many creative minds intertwines around one small, mysterious town.

The way into Whitebridge is only open on the summer solstice. Once you go in, you may not come out. With original inhabitants disappearing and the secrets of the town unraveling. Newcomers look for solutions as old timers look for salvation.

PREORDER on Amazon:



DEMONIC WILDLIFE: A Funny Fantastical Adventure – October 1st

READERS BEWARE – You are about to set foot on a bizarre adventure, a funny fantastical one filled with demonic animals. The first few stories are light, more about the giggles, but be warned. As you read further, the dark creepy side will sneak up on you. Within this entertaining tome you will find spiders, snakes, sheep, wolves, manatees, hummingbirds, squirrels, and many more!

Despite the mouthful of a title, prepare for an excellent Halloween-time read! In October, this first edition to many Demonic Anthologies to follow will be a mixture of giggles and gore. Starting off with lighter fare, you’ll find yourself edging into ever darker, bloodier tales that will leave you gasping and laughing all at once. You’ll find this Anthology exclusively for Amazon Kindle and available in paperback. For a taste of what to expect, check out my story that inspired the idea over on INKITT, Antichrist is a Manatee:

PREORDER Here for Kindle:

READ an sample:


Happy Reading and hope you are having a wonderful end to Summer!

Best regards,

Valerie Willis






TATTOOED ANGELS TRILOGY – Young Adult Urban Fantasy

  1. Rebirth
  2. Judgment – NEW RELEASE
  3. Death – Coming in 2018

THE CEDRIC SERIES – Adult Fantasy Romance

  1. Cedric the Demonic Knight
  2. Romasanta: Father of Werewolves
  3. The Oracle – September!
  4. Eye of Gaea – Coming in 2018


  • A World of Their Own
  • Demonic Wildlife: A Fantastically Funny Adventure – October 2017
  • Thrill of the Hunt – October 2017


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