Newsletter July 2017


Hello Readers & Fellow Writers!

July is here and I am running out of time, how about you? Lots happening this month and even more preparing to unfold for Fall. From events to book releases to workshops, I am juggling what I can. Regardless, thank you for signing up for the newsletter and know that there is more than news about me inside this blast. I want to expose what events are going on that I am and am not part of, share a little writing advice, and share links to some resources. If you want to sign-up so you never miss one of these, head over to my website ( to sign-up via email OR follow my Blog for the post!

New Releases!

As I said, time is running out since we are at the halfway mark in 2017! I have THREE NEW RELEASES coming this Fall and I am super excited.

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Prepare for Book 3 in The Cedric Series releasing in September. Angeline and Cedric are back and Romasanta has the stone in his hands. It will be available on Amazon for Kindle and Paperback exclusively for the first 90 days. A Blog Tour will be exploding on Social Media and a chance to get a signed copy for US Residents as well as eBook copies and Book Swag for all! If that wasn’t awesome enough, there will be a chance to grab THE ORACLE for FREE for Kindle on Sept 5th in celebration of my Birthday. Feel free to share the link when it goes live and help this hit the TOP KINDLE BOOKS on AMAZON! If you are curious where we’ve left Angeline, head over to INKITT and read the first three chapters free. Chapter Three will be released in August:



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Thrill of the Hunt – The Hunted: Welcome to White Bridge

An amazing team of writers, including myself, have dived into the world of White Bridge. This town is so very special, only accessible to our world during the Solstice. Prepare for a thrilling Halloween read in October and see how the stories from so many creative minds intertwines around one small, mysterious town.

The way into Whitebridge is only open on the summer solstice. Once you go in, you may not come out. With original inhabitants disappearing and the secrets of the town unraveling. Newcomers look for solutions as old timers look for salvation.

With a release date of 9/25/17.


Despite the mouthful of a title, prepare for an excellent Halloween-time read! In October, this first edition to many Demonic Anthologies to follow will be a mixture of giggles and gore. Starting off with lighter fare, you’ll find yourself edging into ever darker, bloodier tales that will leave you gasping and laughing all at once. You’ll find this Anthology exclusively for Amazon Kindle and available in paperback. For a taste of what to expect, check out my story that inspired the idea over on INKITT, Antichrist is a Manatee:

 Camp NanoWriMo in July

If you are looking for some writing inspiration this month, Camp Nanowrimo is in full swing ( This is the last session for camp before National Novel Writing Month aka November. I highly recommend connecting in both July and November for a chance to discover other writers in your area, network online with people, and more importantly, build up some writing inspiration. It’s free to sign up and join in the fun and it gains you access to resources, videos, and a great forum. In November, you will need to sign up and log into their main site at in case you want to get hooked up in advance or cruise the existing forums and local NaNoWriMo chapter for your area.

Inspirational Needs

If you missed my Foreshadowing Workshop at Writer’s Atelier, no worries! Besides a blog post covering what I discussed, we plan on pulling together a video for you to gain access to it. Keep an eye on Writer’s Atelier’s site for when that announcement goes out. Also, for those needing some motivation, be sure to Subscribe to their YouTube Channel and enjoy the Motivational Minutes with Paige Lavoie. Don’t forget to dive into The Literary Agent Process with Jaimie Engle for some of the most amazing advice on how to shop for one and handle those rejection letters.

If you like the classes, videos, and information this venue is dishing out, be sure to head over to Patreon and aid in keeping this place moving forward! Every dollar earned goes back to keep the lights on as well as allow Racquel Henry to bring us more exciting access to some great opportunities:

Workshops & Classes with Me

Speaking of workshops, if you are looking for a chance to get the full rundown of self-publishing a book from Manuscript to Design to Venue, then listen up! On July 23rd, starting at 10:00 AM and running a full day at Writer’s Atelier is the Self-Publishing Like A Boss with L.E. Perez and Valerie Willis! Lunch is included, and I am not kidding when I say we plan on running you through it all! Our only regret is not having enough time to dive in further detail, but we have worked all year pulling together our information, advice, and more importantly, personal experience to create an all-inclusive workshop that will put you ahead of the game if it’s your first time OR help you strengthen your weaker areas. Self-published authors, such as myself, juggle a lot of responsibilities… edits, design, formatting, pricing, social media, websites, press releases, marketing, and the list goes on and on. Save $20 when you Share the Eventbrite Link on Social Media – Details in the Description:

Writing Tip For July

Make lists! I know, this sounds trivial, but really, honestly LISTS! We know or have To-Do list, chore list, small and large goal lists… but I want to talk about the special kind I often recommend throughout various blog posts on writing. Writing-specific lists can be lifesavers, from research to plot to editing. Sometimes it can be hard to list what we want, which is why I feel the more important list we make in writing efforts is what we DON’T want. Writing a NO-NO list can really help you stay focused on your efforts.

Research efforts should have a list of wants versus don’t wants. The no-no list here is designed to keep you on track and centralize your focus efforts. Think of it as the safety rope to keep you from falling too far into the Rabbit-hole of Research.

Making a list of events you want to unfold in your plot and storyline can be super helpful. This allows you to have a loose, flexible outline to organize. It’s completely ok to leave notes of what you want to remind yourself what should NOT happen and troupes you are aiming to avoid. Again, a do not want list can help you stay aware of plot shifts and character growth needs while you are writing.

Speaking of writing, keep track of your BAD HABITS. This is a very important do NOT want list. You can start tracking these writing faux pas’s as you are writing your first draft and continue to add to it. Each novel will have a slightly different version, but an on-going list can be a lifesaver to you in your edits and later when you ask others to proofread. Providing volunteer editors and readers with this list can help them be more aware of what issues look like and help clean out what you’ve missed in your own efforts. SO MAKE YOUR LISTS!


  • July 6th, 6:30 pm, ONLINE EVENT – Writer’s Atelier Presents a Live Write-in with Paige Lavoie
  • July 16th, 5:30 PM, Live Podcast of Team Orlando Poets @ Writer’s Atelier!
  • July 23rd, 10 AM – All-Day, Self-Publishing Like A Boss w/ Valerie Willis & L.E. Perez, Winter Park, FL at Writer’s Atelier
  • Sep 1st, THE ORACLE, Book Release and Blog Tour w/ Giveaway
  • Sept 5th, GRAB THE ORACLE FOR FREE ON KINDLE! Make it SOAR to the TOP!
  • Sept 25th, THE HUNTED: WELCOME TO WHITE BRIDGE Anthology, Book Release
  • Sept 28-Oct 1, Indie Bookfest 2017, Lake Mary, FL – Featured Author!
  • Oct 1st, DEMONIC WILDLIFE Anthology, Book Release

EVENTS TO CHECK OUT – From Open Mics & more!

  • July 5th, 7 PM, The Just Write Roundtable, PR’s Taco Place in College Park, A chance to have a QA discussion with fellow writers
  • July 5th, 8 PM, Wednesday Open Words w/ Kira Calversi, Austin’s Coffee Winter Park, One of five of Orlando’s best poets, Kira, is kicking off the night!
  • July 6th, 6:30 pm, ONLINE EVENT – Writer’s Atelier Presents a Live Write-in with Paige Lavoie
  • July 6th, 8 PM, Prop Slam w/ Klute, Milk Bar
  • July 8th, 10 AM, Orlando Book Festival, Downtown Orlando Library
  • July 8th, 8 PM, SAFE Words IWPS Finals, Henao Center
  • July 9th, 1:30 PM, DeLand Poetry Open Mic, Volusia County Library
  • July 12th, 7 PM, Short Attention Span Open Mic, Stardust Video & Coffee
  • July 12th, 9 PM, Ft. Luke “NoE” O’Connor, Austin Coffee
  • July 13th, 7 PM, Nerd Nite Orlando: Ladies Nite v4, The Geek Easy
  • July 13th, 8 PM, Spilled Milk Open Mic, The Milk Bar
  • July 16th, 5:30 PM, Live Podcast of Team Orlando Poets @ Writer’s Atelier!
  • July 17th, 7 PM, Storytelling as Bungee Jumping, Copper Rocket in Maitland
  • & more! See the Links Below and Subscribe to their events on Facebook:

Happy Reading and hope you are having a wonderful start to 2017!

Best regards,

Valerie Willis






TATTOOED ANGELS TRILOGY – Young Adult Urban Fantasy

  1. Rebirth
  2. Judgment – NEW RELEASE
  3. Death – Coming in 2018

THE CEDRIC SERIES – Adult Fantasy Romance

  1. Cedric the Demonic Knight
  2. Romasanta: Father of Werewolves
  3. The Oracle – September!
  4. Eye of Gaea – Coming in 2018


  • A World of Their Own
  • Demonic Wildlife: A Fantastically Funny Adventure – October 2017
  • Thrill of the Hunt – October 2017

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