PowerPoint from Writing a Novel 101

Once more, I want to thank everyone who came out to attend one, if not all my classes on “Writing a Novel 101” at the Orange County Library in Downtown Orlando. I hope I was able to provide tools, knowledge, and inspiration at some point into each of you. Again, do not hesitate to reach out to me, follow my online sites, and know I stay rather active in the literary community.

Below is a link to the PDF and PowerPoint Show files from my presentation for your convenience. Below that, I will provide links to Blog posts that echo what I discussed to help those who missed a class, or fret they didn’t take enough notes in class. I covered a lot of material in a short time, so I pray I made some sort of sense in those precious minutes you gave me.

PowerPoint DropBox File: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2hdr2opypvzus0j/AABZgzAZ-uGSDRejL-3OSgXaa?dl=0

Blog Posts that May Help:

Where Will I Be Next:

  • June 9th – Anime Festival Orlando – Wyndham Orlando, FL – Co-Hosting with L.E. Perez & Racquel Henry Workshop: Triforce of Fanfiction
  • July 23rd – Writer’s Atelier – Winter Park, FL – Co-Hosting with L.E. Perez – Self-Publish Like a Boss!
  • Sept 28th thru Oct 1st – IndieBook Fest 2017 – Lake Mary, FL – Attending Author
  • More to come!

We are super lucky to be in a place with such an amazing library system and even venues like Writer’s Atelier within reach. Even more so, many groups for critiquing, sharing, reading, and flat out gathering together to simply focus on writing. In an effort to help you connect with a literary community locally and online, I’ll share some links and places that host events, mostly free besides classes (More intimate version of what I did for the library), courses, and special cases.

Local Links

Online Resources

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