Services & Prices

I am officially taking on freelance work for helping others to format and design their novels and anything in-between. You can head over to my official website and find the pricing there or check out the information below.

Services & Prices

Below you will find a wide range of services and prices listed. If you have any questions about anything listed here, please feel free to email me at  BattleGoddessPro (at) gmail (dot) com . I am more than happy to discuss, explain, and answer any questions you may have. Please understand the prices are listed with the mindset of the average amount of hours it takes to create and meet your demands. Some features are broken out into smaller part or listed as additional charges. Email me for an official estimate good for 90-days! Prices may fluctuate depending on demand. Discounts are available for First-Time Customers ($10.00 off), Multiple book discounts, and series book formats. Just ask!

BattleGoddessPro (at) gmail (dot) com


This refers to the inside of your book. Whether you need a an interior for print or digital format, the process is referred to Typesetting traditionally. Services here accomodate formatting needs, margins, font choices, Chapter Header setups, Pagebreaks, appropriate placement of print or paperback pages, line spacing, Headers & Footers, Table of Contents, trim  and page sizes, and many other details all involving textual content within the cover. You will get copies of my work in all of these file formats DOC, DOCX, RTF and a PDF.

Final Product – eBook

Kindle, Nook, SmashWords & More…

eBook First 50k Words, one format only  –  $75.00

Additional formatted version  –  $25.00

eBook Additional 50k Words  –  $50.00

OR eBook Additional Per Word  –  $0.0015 per word

Final Product – Print (Paperback)

Print Only Typesetting First 50k Words  –  $150.00

Print & 2 Digital Typesetting First 50k Words –  $200.00

Print/Both Additional 50k Words  –  $50.00

OR Print/Both Additional Per Word  –  $0.002 per word


Manuscript Formatting First 50k words – $50.00

Manuscript Formatting Additional 50k – $25.00

Manuscript Formatting Per Word – $0.0010 per word

Other Fees

Returning for Revisions – Negotiable, please email me

Rush fee (5-day or less turnaround) – $50.00

Illustrations Placement  –  $10.00 per Image

Provided or Standard Pagebreak Design is Free


Book Cover

Print Cover Design with given images, fonts, logos  –  $100.00

Print Cover Design from Scratch  –  $200.00

eBook only Cover Design with given materials  –  $50.00

eBook only Cover Design from Scratch  –  $100.00

Print & Ebook Combo with given materials – $125.00

Print & Ebook Combo from Scratch – $150.00

Formatting Flair

Design a Custom Page Break Image  –  $10.00 per design

Design a Custom Page Number Borders  –  $10.00 per design

Custom Chapter Header Art – Starts at $25.00 Depends on wants, size and details

Custom Artwork on page edges – Starts at $50.00 Depends on wants, size and details

Custom Artwork – Email me with details.

Other Fees

Hiring Digital Artist for Cover Art – Starts at $150.00

Revisions, Changes & Similar – Start at $15.00 Negotiable depending on what is needed

Rush Order – Starts at $100.00 Depends on time frame and needs


This is for a thorough assessment of the overall piece with comments, advice, recognizing bad habits, concerns that may turn away potential editors/agents, story and character development, worldbuilding concerns, areas where the writing is excelling, suggestions of maintaining your writing style/voice, and more. Also a sample will be requested so if I feel I can help you we will take it from there. I firmly believe the Editor and Writer need to be compatible in their passion for the story being told.

5,999 or less words – $50.00

6,000 to 10,000 words – $75.00

Each 10k of a novel  – $75.00

For Example, a novel of 85,000 words would total $650.00 ($50+($75×8))

Writer’s Atelier  Editing Services – HIGHLY RECOMMEND


Ghostwriting is the term and practice of someone writing your idea, memoir or creating content while accepting their name as teh writer has been waived. This is a serious contract work with many stipulations involved, Non-disclosures, and more. Not every job will be accepted since I only take in work I feel I can compliment and capture to the clients liking. Please email the details of your needs and we can further discuss the terms of the contract that best meets both our needs.

Starting at $150.00 for every 5,000 words

Depends on the genre, requirements, and details given

$40 for a test sample of 1,000 words

Other Services

Workshop Hosting

Please Contact Me

Pricing varies

Workout split cost with Venue

Hourly, Daily, Weekly

Subjects vary from elements of writing, self-publishing practices, software training, design, formatting and more.

Online Available (Skype, Google Hangout)

In-Person is dependent on location & arrangements available

Consulting & Tutoring How-to

$75.00 an hour

Subjects include formatting/typesettings, Cover design and more!

Microsoft® Word & GDOC specific

One-on-One teaching

In-person Available depending on location

Online Available (Skype, Google Hangout)

Resources available through my Blog

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