VTMAS No.27: You Know, That Song

One of the most precious memories my husband and I have of our first niece was the time we were taking her to Grandma’s house. She was about 4 at the time, and this was before we had kids ourselves. Most of the time at this age she was relatively quiet, very neat and clean in behavior.

Suddenly she started conversation with us, “I like that place. You know, that place, with that song?”

It was as vague as a question could possibly be as my husband and I glanced to one another.

Leaning back to look at her I questioned further, “What song, Kylee?”

“That song.” And then the most awesome moment happened.

Raising up her tiny little hand she expressed the number 5 with it as she sung in her tiny voice, “Five dollar, Five Dollar fooot loooong!”

We died.

It was beyond cute and funny.

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